Gender Inequality - Men

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Gender Inequality - Men

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As a man it would be far easier for me to write about how men are mainly discriminated against. Some of the things I’ve found in my life I agree with, but for most of them I don’t, therefore I will be writing about some that are on top of my mind right this very moment. It is a raw deal for us men, in the love department. All men are not created equal, so not all of us are born players, able to read social cues and so on. In the topic “Gender Roles” I write about how females and males have their specific gender roles and how we as men must embody our specific role, which is a set of rules that we have forgotten over time. The reason is that, we as species are constantly evolving to improve our lives. But as comfort came, we forgot how to play our gender roles and are constantly confused about it. And when you ask a question on how to proceed in that department, it is as rather people tell you all those different things that simply don’t work, nobody actually gives you a straight answer or they simply don’t know.

Don't forget to check part one of this topic, where I write about the different situations where women are discriminated against in part one - "Gender Inequality - Women". It is men’s turn now, so buckle up and let’s get this over with:

  • Society
    Here is the harsh truth. No one is actually honest about the real world with most men and in reality, we got the short end of the stick socially if you think about it. Worldwide no one takes men’s issues seriously. Before you tell a guy to grow a pair, keep in mind that statistically and worldwide men are the majority of suicide victims of over 80%, 92% of work-place deaths, 97% of combat deaths and 77% of homicide victims. Just like women men are also objectified and mistreated and yet society keeps telling them to grow up. If you are a man and you talk about your problems openly, you are considered weak and defective, therefore people will make fun of you. At one hand schools of thought like feminism tells guys, that they need to open up more and show their emotion, but when men do, they are often laughed at and told to stop crying those male tears.
  • Clubs
    Ever heard of “Ladies Night”? Well this is one case of girls not paying for entrance fee or drinks. Sex sells and I as an economist believe that, this is a great marketing strategy to get more people in clubs, but you will never see a “Gents Night” advertisement in a club anywhere, at least I still haven’t seen one, but hey who am I to judge, more girls in the club, so why am I complaining? Equal rights be damned, let’s get the bitches, wohoo! Just be careful when you are talking to girls, because if you get into a serious argument and the girl is pretty as hell, you might get surrounded by a couple of white-knights, that want to get some action with the ladies, and even if something happens and it’s not your fault, you will get almost no support and might end up being thrown out of the club, because of reasons! Wooh, I got little emotional here, hope no one tells me to grow a pair J. I am bitter ok?! I am bitter, when I want to get to know someone and it turns out to be a drunk chick, with whom I had an argument that one time and she even admitted I was right, but then she objectified herself telling me and I quote – “Well you are absolutely right, but you know what? I win the argument by default!” “How come?” I asked.  “Because I have a vagina.” She said casually. And I am not even joking around… We were talking about how people are objectifying themselves and I told her that, girls do that all the time to themselves, and at first she disagreed, but then she came to the conclusion that I am right, but she had to prove my point even further by doing what she claimed she was against.
  • Age & looks
    As a man who is 26 years old I got my fair share of discrimination, about the way I look. Girls always thought that I look young and in most cases, even if I said something cool and smart, I always got the question – “Excuse me, but how old are you?” and some additions like – “You look like you are 16, are you even allowed in the club?” If a guy looks young, even if he is really smart and has pure intentions and decides to go to a club, he might not be taken seriously, like in my case and trust me, it’s not a single case but a multitude of cases with such identical questions. Thank god I got game and in most of those cases I was able to calibrate my way around it.
  • Marriage.
    Marriage is a raw deal for a man, therefore men are opting out of marriage. The political and legal ramifications of marriage will give you the reason why. It’s because men don’t want to end up paying for the alimony and losing half their shit.
    Over 50% of marriages end up in divorce and over 74% in all cases, it is the women who decide that they don’t want their men anymore. In the US for instance a lot of low-paid women are using the government to pay for themselves. So basically she is not marrying her man, rather - the state. Marriage has become an unsafe ground for men, because the penalties for it are higher and the rewards are low, corrupt courts practicing bias against men for custody of the children, because women are considered better caretakers for their children and no one actually looks it from a male’s perspective. In a lot of those cases, they are simply not allowed to see their children anymore. This is the reason why men opt out of marriage. I am only mentioning and including the stuff that is already well known. There will be a whole topic dedicated to marriage in the 21 century, because I believe it is something that is controversial and it shouldn’t just be mentioned.
  • Passive-aggressiveness.
    I know there is a lot of you that have been wronged by a woman in some form or manner and in the end all you wanted was a simple and sincere apology and you never got it. Some women will avoid dealing with the problem and will act like nothing had happened. If you confront her she will become passive-aggressive. Is the man ultimately responsible for the outcome, because he is the one taking action? This is pretty evident in relationships. It is almost like men are not worthy of sympathy, they are only worthy of blame. Some Girls will constantly test your resolve to see if you will falter, to see if you can still provide for them and even if you provide, they will resent you for doing so. Women’s dismissive attitude towards men, sometimes is ample evidence of true discrimination.
  • Blame Game.
    It is almost like we can all admit to the damage and destruction a man can do, but never to the positive effects, he can have on society. Some women view men as a tireless and renewable resource to leech from. Some of them choose to magnify even the smallest act of something resembling kindness, on the part of women as disapproving of the overall trend of female usury against men. Feminism for example has allowed women to show the worst part of their nature and this is the worst thing it could’ve done.

This is all I have for this topic. You guys out there, be careful when you choose your partners. It’s a rough ride, but we are all in this together, so, really, get it together and take control of your life!

Men have been historically pillars of strength, but even Atlas shrugged.

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